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iRod Genesis III Casting Rods

Model: IRG693C
Stock: < 5
California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

For more information visit: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Matt Newman created the Genesis III series because he wanted to create the lightest and best balanced rod
on the market at a price that anglers can afford. The Genesis III delivers all this with the highest quality
upgrades and the same great value!

The iRod Genesis III Series Rods are high quality bass fishing rods that feature premium components and
styling, yet retains an affordable price tag. With design influence from several of the top professional
anglers, the iRod Genesis III Rods are designed to meet the needs of bass fishermen from the novice to
expert level. The initial success of the Genesis Series inspired iRod to seek out ways to improve their next generation. The result of their
introspective analysis resulted in iRod designing the Genesis III rods to be lighter, yet still retain their precise
actions and strength.


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22 Models Available

Model Action Length Line Weight Lure Weight Power Stock Price Qty
IRG693C Fast 6'9'' 6-12 3/16-1/2 Medium Heavy Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG693CC Fast 6'9'' 8-15 3/16-1/2 Medium Heavy In Stock: 5+ $149.99
IRG703C MH Fast 7' 8-14 3/16-3/8oz MH Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG714C X-Fast 7'1" 10-18 1/4-3/4oz H Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG734C Fast 7'3" 14-25 3/8-1 1/2oz MH Out of Stock $149.99
IRG742C Fast 7'4" 6-12 1/8-3/8 Medium Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG744CH Fast 7'4" 10-18 1/4-3/4oz MH Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG754F-H Fast 7'5" 50-70 Braid 1/4-2oz H Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG763CC MH Mod 7'6" 8-17 3/8-3/4oz MH Out of Stock $149.99
IRG764C Mod 7'6" 12-20 1/4-1oz H Out of Stock $149.99
IRG764SB Fast 7'6" 20-30lb 2-6oz Heavy Out of Stock $149.99
IRG775C Fast 7'7" 15-25 1/2-2oz XH Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG783MH Mod/Fast 7'8" 12-25 1-4oz MH Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG794SB-H Mod 7'9" 20-60 3-6oz H Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG795SBXH Mod 7'9" 20-60 8-12oz XH In Stock: 5+ $149.99
IRG804SBH Mod 8' 20-60 3-10oz H Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG805SBXH Mod 8' 20-60 3-10oz XH Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG865SB Mod 8'6" 65lb Braid 5-12oz XH Out of Stock $149.99
IRG7104AH-H Mod/Fast 7'10" 50-70 Braid 1-4oz H Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG7113CC Mod 7'11" 8-20 3/8-1 1/2oz MH Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG7114P Mod/Fast 7'11" 50-70 Braid 1/2-2oz H Low Stock: <5 $149.99
IRG61012C Mod 6'10" 6-12 1/8-3/8oz MH Low Stock: <5 $149.99

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iRod Genesis III Casting Rods
iRod Genesis III Casting Rods - iRodC2
iRod Genesis III Casting Rods - iRodC3
iRod Genesis III Casting Rods
iRod Genesis III Casting Rods - iRodC2
iRod Genesis III Casting Rods - iRodC3
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